How are Wonderful Design projects created?

1. Contract for design work.
The contract between us is very important to me. It’s the basis. It guarantees you the deadlines for completing projects and the schedule of their work. I define the design scope and the final price.

2. Inventory/examine accurate engineering designs.
Please send me detailed technical projections. If the apartments are located in Krakow, Miechów or the surrounding area, I carry out a local inspection.

3. We meet.
This is the most important stage of the project. I want to get to know you as well as possible and understand your lifestyle. I ask about my favorite colors, materials, and we talk about inspirations. During the conversation, I ask a lot of questions. I also present various projects and inspirations that are intended to stimulate your imagination. They are conversations over coffee.

4. Preparation of the functional layout.
At this stage, I am preparing a project of the layout of the rooms. I make sure that the current layout of the apartment actually meets your needs. It has to be functional above all!

5. Shopping list and visualizations.
At this stage, I choose the details of your interior. I carefully prepare a shopping list with active links to stores. Accepted materials are transferred to 3D projects. This is to visualize your interior so that you can see what your interior will look like before implementation.

6. Technical drawings.
I prepare accurate and professional technical designs for contractors.

7. Handing over all projects.
After accepting the designs, I send them to you in pdf form or on request in the form of a bound book.


Contact me for pricing CONTACT.


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