we work

Zdjęcie szkicu projektu
  • we receive dimensioned dwg drawings and photos (if necessary, we come to the place to measure),
  • we send two proposals for the layout of the room,
  • based on the selected version, we prepare a demonstrative 3D visualization,
  • we prepare technical drawings of interiors for contractors,
  • we select materials, wallpapers and equipment and create a material specification.

On special order, we design furniture for a carpenter:

  • we prepare technical drawings of furniture, fronts,
    details and color and material specifications,
  • we supplement the drawings with cabinet interiors, systems and divisions individually tailored to the needs,
  • we choose kitchen equipment,
  • we supplement the project with decorations; wallpaper, lighting, furniture,
  • we prepare a set of ready-made samples including: color and shape of fronts, countertop samples, handles.
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