Drewniane krzesło

Interior Design

Studio WD offers comprehensive interior design services. We design interiors suited to your needs based on our professional knowledge and using high-quality materials and products. We design every interior, taking care of every detail.

How we work:
  • we receive dimensioned dwg drawings and photos (if necessary, we come to the place to measure),
  • we send two proposals for the layout of the room,
  • based on the selected version, we prepare a demonstrative 3D visualization,
  • we prepare technical drawings of interiors for contractors,
  • we select materials, wallpapers and equipment and create a material specification.


Studio WD offers a wide selection of paintings painted with high quality oil or acrylic paints on high quality primed canvas. The paintings are unique, for sale only one piece. We do not offer prints or reproductions on canvas. Each image includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping worldwide.

Painting orders should be placed via the contact form.

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